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"The love of capturing the essence of these majestic creatures and turning it into art"


      Tony Mendes, a photographer, video producer and passionate about horses since childhood, was born in the interior of Bahia, Brazil, where he grew up immersed in the company of these magnificent animals. His journey into photography began by capturing images of his own horses, sparking his passion for portraying the beauty and connection between humans and equines.

    Over the years, his talent and dedication led him to receive invitations to photograph horses professionally. Tony embarked on this journey and, over the course of a decade, honed his skills and technique, resulting in an impressive portfolio of award-winning images. His work has gained international recognition, accumulating more than 100 photography awards in several countries.

      In 2021, he ranked 1st in the One Eyeland ranking as the best Fine Art photographer in Brazil. His unique approach to capturing the essence of horses and his ability to convey emotion and beauty through his photographs have made him a revered name in the equine photography scene.

     Tony Mendes' works have already graced the covers of magazines both in Brazil and abroad, providing deserved prominence for his talent and artistic vision. His work inspires and captivates viewers around the world, conveying the deep connection between humans and horses through his images.

      Today, Tony shares his knowledge and experiences acquired throughout his successful career through his workshops. He is dedicated to teaching other photographers and enthusiasts, sharing his techniques and insights to help them develop their own skills and explore their passion for horse photography.

     His work continues to inspire and move, conveying the beauty and majesty of horses to people around the world.

"Photography is my life and being able to live it intensely, in the company of these extraordinary animals, is a gift."

Tony Mendes    

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